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Golden Gate Bridge

 San Francisco’s Famous Golden Gate Bridge

Religion is meant to be in everyday life a thing of unspeakable joy.

And why do so many complain that it is not so?  Because they do not

believe that there is no joy like the joy of abiding in Christ and in His love,

and being branches through whom He can pour out His love on a dying world.

-Andrew Murray, The True Vine


And every branch that bears fruit, he purges it,

that it may bring forth more fruit. – John 15:2

The thought of fruit is so prominent in the eye of Him who sees things as they are, and fruit is so truly the one thing God has set His heart upon, that our Lord, after having said that the branch that bears no fruit is taken away, at once adds: and where there is fruit, the one desire of the Husbandman is more fruit. As the gift of His grace, as the token of spiritual vigor, as the showing forth of the glory of God and of Christ, as the only way for satisfying the need of the world, God longs for and fits us for more fruit.

More fruit. – This is a very searching word.  As churches and individuals we are in danger of nothing so much as self-contentment.  The self-satisfied spirit of Laodicea – we are rich and increased in goods, and have need of nothing – may prevail where it is not suspected.  The divine warning – poor and wretched and miserable – finds little response just where it is most needed.

Let us not rest content with the thought that we are taking an equal share with others in the work that is being done, or that people are satisfied with our efforts in Christ’s service, or even that they point to us as examples.  Let our only desire be to know whether we are bearing all the fruit Christ is willing to give through us as living branches, in close and living union with Himself, and whether we are satisfying the loving heart of the great Husbandman, our Father in heaven, in His desire for more fruit.



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