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Religion is meant to be in everyday life a thing of unspeakable joy.

And why do so many complain that it is not so?  Because they do not

believe that there is no joy like the joy of abiding in Christ and in His love,

and being branches through whom He can pour out His love on a dying world.

-Andrew Murray, The True Vine


Every branch in me that bears not fruit

He takes away. – John 15:2

Here we have one of the chief words of the parable – branch.  A vine needs branches:  Without branches it can do nothing, can bear no fruit.  As important as it is to know about the Vine and the Husbandman, it is to realize what the branch is.  Before we listen to what Christ has to say about it, let us first of all take in what a branch is and what it teaches us of our life in Christ.  A branch is simply a bit of wood, brought forth by the vine for the one purpose of serving it in bearing its fruit.  It is of the same nature as the vine, and it has one life and one spirit with it.  Just think a moment of the lessons this suggests.

There is the lesson of entire consecration The branch has but one object for which it exists, one purpose to which it is entirely given up, to bear the fruit the vine wishes to bring forth.  And so the believer has but one reason for being a branch – but one reason for his existence on earth – that the heavenly Vine may through him bring forth His fruit.  Happy the soul that knows this, that has consented to it, and that says, “I have been redeemed and I live for one thing.  As exclusively as the natural branch exists only to bring forth fruit, I too; as exclusively as the heavenly Vine exists to bring forth fruit, I too.  As I have been planted by God into Christ, I have wholly given myself to bear the fruit the Vine desires to bring forth.”


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