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At The Vatican–Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel

No other issue seems to grab one’s imagination as does the “666”. For many people, just saying the number sends shivers up their spines. It conjures up ominous images of secret occult ceremonies and the cataclysmic final days of Bible prophecy.You have probably wondered what the fuss is all about! So Let’s have a common sense discussion that will give us hope and courage about our Salvation.

First let’s look at a possible solution to what the 666 is and then why it is important! Our focus is Revelation 13:18,NIV.

We read in Revelation 13:18,NIV  “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666”.

In New Testament Greek, man in Revelation 13:18,NIV  (ἀριθμὸς γὰρ ἀνθρώπου ἐστίν) is in the genitive case (n.gsm), which is “possessive”. Therefore, man could be translated as, “it is humanity’s number” or “it is man’s number” It seems to me that the NIV is the best translation for Revelation 13:18,NIV and certainly makes more sense.

Here is the NIV of Revelation 13:18,NIV. “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”

Revelation13:11-18,NIV  seems to describe future events that are in the process of fulfillment right now. Therefore, we must always be careful not to speculate beyond what we know for sure. We must not create detailed scenarios of last-day events as though we know for certain every detail when, of course, we do not know those details. To think otherwise is to set ourselves up for disappointment, even deception.

Some see in the meaning of 666 a symbol of humanity separated from God. Humans were created on the sixth day, and the number can stand as a symbol for humanity without divine rest (the seventh day). Humans have claimed ultimate independence from God (the cause of their fall), and even now they do not want to find rest in Christ, the only place to find the rest of Salvation. Matthew 11:28-30, Hebrews 3:11-19, 4:1-11.

Futile speculation adds nothing toward understanding truth. The important point is that God’s Word has given us enough information to know what the key issues are and who the players will be in the last days, even if we do not know all the details for now, such as the precise meaning of 666.

Now about the much speculated “Vicarius Filii Dei

Vicarius Filii Dei (Vicar of the Son of God).  Since the Reformation, this papal title has been used to calculate the number 666. Here we must be very careful. The Bible does not say that the number is the added numerical value of the letters of a name. Further there are several questions that should make us cautious:

First, it is not clear that this title is an official one.

Second, there is no clear indication in Revelation 13 that the number is based on the numerical value of the letters of a name. The phrase “it is the number of a man” (vs. 18, NIV) could be translated “it is the number of humanity”; that is, of humans separated from God.

Third, those who insist in counting the numerical value of letters confront the problem of deciding which language will be used. Because the text does not identify any language, the selection of a particular one will be somewhat arbitrary. Further, why is the language of Revelation 13 symbolic yet verse 18 has often been interpreted literal? That has never made sense to me!! Good biblical interpretation is needed here rather than hand me down tradition!!

I believe that at the present time, the symbolism of intensified rebellion, six used three times, and total independence from God seem to be the best option. (Six can be the number of Babylon, and, as such, it stands in contrast to the divine number of seven. We will look at the Bible concept of Babylon in later posts.)

Since seven is perfection, being one short of seven, it expresses human imperfection in total rebellion against God and completely without God. This is what sin is all about! It is man’s total refusal to go from the six, man’s number, to the seven, which is God’s number where Salvation and God’s rest is found for all who will choose life eternal. John 17:3.

Therefore, 666 represents man’s total fixation with himself apart from God, man seeking glory in himself and his own creations. It is man refusing Salvation refusing to enter the Seven where God’s rest is! This refusal results in a complete separation from Jesus!

The 666 speak of the fullness of creation and all creative powers without God—- the very practice of the absence of God! “I can get along just fine, thank you very much, without Jesus! Period! A very sad attitude to say the least!

The triple 6 speaks that unregenerate man is persistently evil. “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from The Lord”. Jeremiah 17:5, 9-10.

The beasts of Revelation 13:1-3 represent man exercising his sovereignty apart from God. And man apart from God becomes bestial, and demonic.

All too soon, time will reveal the full meaning of the 666 symbol. Let me emphasize again that at the present time, the symbolism of intensified rebellion, six used three times (666), with total independence from God seem to be the best option.

Please do not attack individuals or denominations over this issue but rather call the Christian church back to The Bible Gospel! The Bible is our only rule of belief and practice! Period!

The Spirit of Christ, who lives inside the true follower of Jesus, must always control what we do!! After all God is Love!! 1John 4:8,11.

The truth is we all should give absolute precedence to the Gospel of Jesus! The Gospel is the power of God to save us! Romans 1:16-17.This is what Revelation 14:6-7 is all about, the proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus to save!

It is the Gospel that transforms us into the image of Jesus and makes us ready for his soon coming!2 Corinthians 3:18. What is His image? IT’S LOVE. We love more and more like Jesus loves! Matthew 5:43-48, 1John 4:8, 1John 3:2.

It is the Gospel that sanctifies us!  1Thessalonians 5:23-24. I have come to believe that sanctification is nothing less than the process by which believers become progressively more loving! Let me say that again. Sanctification is the process by which Christians become more and more loving! This is what becoming like Jesus is all about! 1John 3:2. And this is the truly The Gospel of Jesus in action!

This issue is vital!!  I am fully convinced that the message of the 666 in Revelation 13:18 is an appeal to all of God’s children, not just one group, to wake up and prepare for Jesus to come. It is an appeal not to receive the Mark of The Beast. Revelation 14:9-10 Jesus is about to come!!

And what is it that I need to do to be ready? When Jesus comes He will look for those who have faith in Him! That’s it!! Believe and be saved!!  Romans 3:26, 5:10. Salvation is truly about a loving intimate relationship with Jesus! John 17:3,23,26.

And never forget that God loves you with an everlasting love! Jeremiah 31:3. Jesus would rather die than live without you!! So he did just that so you can be with Him forever and ever!!

My Salvation is assured when I totally trust Jesus with my life! And that’s it! At the very moment we trust Him and turn our lives over to Him we have assurance that He will save us! It is in this trust relationship with Christ that we find assurance of our Salvation.1John 5:11-13. This is really The Great News of The Gospel!!

A followup  will be posted later! Stay tuned!

Until Next Time!!

Istanbul–  Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople. Constantinople was Constantine’s new Rome, CA 330 A.D.Istanbul is today the largest city of Turkey.

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24 thoughts on “What Is The Mysterious”666″Of Rev13:18? Could It be You?

  1. 666 is not a label that we can arbitrarily apply to rebellious humanity. The Greek word for “count” in Rev. 13:18 is Psephizo meaning to count, compute or calculate. This is a strong indication that a process our counting is needed to arrive at the sum 666. Vicarius Filii Dei is not an official title and really threw us off in interpreting the 666, but we accepted it because it fits our idea. However, the Bible does not tell us to convert letters to numerical values to come up with the sum. There is no precedent to do this methodology.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Very interesting indeed!
    I suppose the best thing that can be done with any scripture’s interpretation and especially this verse under consideration is to do what the verse says: The first part of verse 18 simply says,”Here is wisdom” James says if we “lack wisdom let him ask God who gives all liberally” James 1:5.
    Not bad advice at all!! I know that I want to seek Jesus with all my heart and claim the promise that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth!! John 16:13.
    Thanks again Ener. I hope you will participate often!
    God bless you!!

  3. Thank you also for bringing the topic up. It’s an interesting study. I think you hit the right word “wisdom.” Compare Rev. 13:18 with Rev. 17:9 and it could be that the key to unlock the counting of the number is in the 7 heads. If so, the correct understanding of the 7 heads is crucial.


  4. Thank you Ener for your thoughtful analysis. You have some very interesting thoughts for sure.
    All to soon time will reveal the 666. In the mean time we need to love one another and stay in the Word of God knowing the answer will come. See Titus 3:3-7.
    Thanks again Ener for participating. Your comments will be read by many! Please continue to participate often
    God bless you!! Jesus is about to come!!

  5. I appreciated your blog entry very much. While there has been a significant amount of emphasis placed upon 666, and many interpretations to it, I believe the final crisis is not about the external marking of people, but rather the internal control of the mind of every human being. It is a battle over who will people worship, the true God or Satan.

    • Thanks for your comment Mark! You are absolutely correct! Worship is the issue in the final crisis. In fact the word worship is mentioned about 8 times just in Revelation 13 and 14. I believe that the reception of the mark of the beast or the seal of God, consisting of the names of the beast and of God, denotes conformity to the character of Satan or God. So it is all about whom I will worship and follow!! Life eternal in the end is about an intimate relationship with Jesus!! John 17:3.
      Thanks again Mark!! I appreciate and agree with your comment!!
      Thanks too for your participation!! Please visit often and continue your thoughtful comments!! God bless you Mark!!

  6. The great controversy that began in heaven and infected our world through our first parents, has centered upon rebellion against God and God’s rule. In Daniel 9:24 “the rebellion” (translated “transgression”) is the first thing the Messiah addresses. He shall put an end to “the rebellion.” It is true that man has joined the rebellion and for that reason there is good cause to make an application of 666 as the number of rebellious humanity, but not it’s primary application. It seems to me, as I have pondered this whole passage in Rev. 13 in its context, that John is clearly referring to the beast mentioned in vv. 1-9, 14-15, when he mentions the number 666 as a way of identifying the beast. That is why I think Ener has made a very pertinent point. Since we are told so very clearly to count the number, it stands to reason that counting the number of the name in some way will help to reveal (unveil) the identity the beast.

    I often think that it is the futurist form of interpretation that has clouded the understanding of the passage, in present times, by focusing on the number 666 in a spectacular way (books, movies). We often forget that there are other important clues in this passage. The “mark” and “the name” and “the number of his name” are stated with equal importance. Why don’t we try to identify these other clues? Why do we only concentrate on the “number?”
    There are other clues to the beast in Rev. 13 also. It is identified as the one who has “a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and power was given him to continue forty and two months.” We know from Daniel 7:25 that this “little horn” that devastated the true believers in Jesus, is the persecuting medieval church. So it stands to reason that the beast of Rev. 13 is the same persecuting and worship perverting power who trampled down the sanctuary, the truth, the “daily,” and the saints for 1260 years. So because of this, we already know his “name.” And I believe that some time in the future, perhaps after Satan comes as an impersonator of Jesus, we will know exactly what the 666 refers to specifically, but cetainly it will refer to something about this persecuting power that has made war against God, His plan of salvation, and His saints for so many centuries and millenia. As Daniel is told in 12:10, “the wise will understand.”

  7. Thanks Tony for your very thoughtful analysis.
    All to soon we will know exactly what the 666 is.
    Worship is certainly front and center.
    As I have already stated , the reception of the mark of the beast or the seal of God, consisting of the names of the beast and of God, denotes conformity to the character of Satan or God. It certainly seems that loyalty to God is front and center in the final crisis.
    Thanks again for your thought provoking comment.

  8. There is a forth coming 800 plus page book by Edwin de Kock on this vital issue which provides ample historical, exegetical and theological support for the Vicarius Filii Dei interpretation of Rev 13:18. In this encyclopedic work, de Kock contrasts two antagonistic principles of prophetic interpretation, idealism and historicism, clearly demonstrating the idealistic roots of the interpretation of 666 as merely a human number as described above. No matter what side of the issue you are on, this a work that cannot be ignored and I would encourage all to look out for it and carefully and prayerfully read it!!!

  9. The beast has been identified even without going to Revelation. A careful study of Daniel chapter 7 will lead the mind to the identity of the beast. If the purpose of the number and the name serve to identify the beast, it would only be a redundancy of what has already been revealed by Daniel. The number and name must therefore reveal more than what Daniel has.

    The last book of the Bible said that the number 666 is the “number of the name” and it’s the “name of the beast” (Rev. 13:17). The beast symbolize a kingdom (Dan. 7:23) and we know that this sea beast is the papacy. We must ask therefore, what is the name of this kingdom currently? Is it not the kingdom of “Benedict?” What was the name of the kingdom prior? Was it not the kingdom of “John Paul?”

    Should we not therefore examine the possibility that the papal names are equivalent to the name of the kingdom? Does not the Bible use “kings” to be synonymous with “kingdoms?” (Rev. 17:10, Dan. 7:24, 8:21, 22). If you are seeing that this could have some validity, then the next thing to apply is the number 666 to the name of the beast of the kingdom of Benedict.

    The big question is… will Benedict be the “man of sin” in 2 Thes. 2:3,8 that will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming? If so, how then can his name complete the counting to 666?

    Does not Rev. 13:18 seem to link to Rev 17:9? Look it up and study what the 7 heads represent.


  10. Thanks again for your thoughtful post!!
    Very thought provoking to say the least.
    One thing is certain that The Holy Spirit will guide the earnest seeker into all truth! John 16:13.

  11. According to historian, Murl Vance, the Babylonians worshiped 36 decans and they associated a number to each god from 1 to 36. They counted their gods 1+2+3…36 and the total is 666 and is applied to their supreme god, the sungod.

    This kingdom has not gone away, buy only changed its appearance under the guise of Christianity, but her true identity cannot be concealed from the Bible. The Bible reveals her to be Babylon still.

    Does she not have many gods today? Their elected kings would change their birthnames to popenames. And once confirmed, they are called “Lord God the Pope” bearing the new papal name.

    Do they not number their gods as did ancient Babylon? (i.e. John Paul 1+ John Paul 2)?

    Rev. 17:9 talks about the 7 heads of the kingdom. Do not these heads represent the kingdoms of this power in a particular era? Learn the three phases of this beast, WAS, IS NOT and YET IS and where do the 7 heads belong in these three?


    Ener Cabangis

  12. Thanks again Ener very much for such thought provoking analysis!! Your comments are most welcome for sure!!
    God’s abundant blessings to you and your family!!

  13. i’ve been looking into this all night, going on the theory, (and i am not taking it seriously, just checking it out to see) that according to something i read earlier, the 600, 60, and 6 (remembering with hebrew letters, and in the case of the book of revelations greek letters), numbers WERE letters, and letters WERE numbers, each letter was/is a number. they used the SAME symbols for each. ok?. right.
    the roman system is a rubbish version of what the greeks and hebrews managed, i think.

    now almost ALL of the writers i read on this none of them have given much thought to or even SEEN how it was written in the orignal greek text. i havnt till tonight.

    if rendered in english it spells this “chxs”. so its ch,x, and s , or 600, 60, and 6. dosnt make much sense but at the greek looks like this (the greek of the time) χξϛʹ. dosn’t help much.
    although i do sympathise with folk who say that the rendering of the name YAHU’SHUAH into “Jesus” does seem a little dodgy in that constantines conversion to christianity being dubious, he was a sun god worshipper, and the english pronunciation jee-zoos, seems to relate to that.
    christian writers negating this simply argue its not at all true by saying the greek iesous is spelled entirely diferent from zeus (simplest spelling in greek rendered in english letters seems to be dios=zeus). but to me they prove nothing, phonetically, it does make more sense that the followers of “pope” constanine would turn YAHU’SHUAH into iesous, which is more related to sounding like zeus the sun god, than Yahu’Shuah. however writers who have tried to say 666 is the ant-christ in the sense of a false counterfeit christ, trying to say that ChXS spells zeus? hmmm, i think thats one theory out the window numerologically. you could reverse their argument by asking “ok, how do you get iesous from YAHU’SHUAH?” (tho its another thread to get into the abbreviated forms Y’SHUAH etc, ask them why in some translations elishia is translated oddly as Elizeus). oh, in short i found no proof for 666 being zeus, or a counterfeit christ in connection to zeus. but do accept the critics of the evolution from constantine, all power brokering and hob-nobbing with staunch authority.

    that being the reasoning of their argument of a counterfiet state-established-christ as only allowing folk to buy or sell and having no other interest in their living interactions sounds like modern legislators and the conservative right wing churches who back the. which seems fair game to me! and the rise of chinese buisness, very mechanical, unfeeling. the population as mere tools, or things that get in your accountants way. BUT dosnt at all prove anything of or has much to do with, directly the mystery of 600 60 and 6.

    so to round up after all this twaddle, fun though it was, i will leave this info for the ardent adventurer into the arcaner aspect of the bible, and in particular, rev:13:18…

    χξϛʹ=666 χ=600=Ch, ξ=60=Xi, ϛʹ=6=s
    pronounces as ck’zs, or even Ch’zs, which makes no sense to me.

    (also that “s” is actually called stigma, now obsolete, and was long before the “sigma” that everyone calls it.)
    thank you, and g’night, th was fun,

  14. AND REMEMBERING too that its only english that pronounces it jee zuss, all over europe it is variations on hay zoos and hay zoo. fairly zeus like words. i do not fall into the body of thought thinkin jesus is a new zeus. he is certianly not. though does have some sun-god aspects if we look objectively. just to clarify. such a shame there is no edit mode for this reply function.

  15. i would say that the FRESH LOOK would be that in order for a newe age on earth, the people must be freed from their being tied to the monetary system, and of colonisation of resources by large states, people reconnecting to the land and soil, and the deminishing of the cities being the centre of all that gives nothing back.

    the decentralization of energy resources out of private corporate hands, and into the hands of individuals and communities (wind solar), and breaking away from the old tired arguments for nuclear (which you cant do in your back garden and has to be centralized by a corporation, is dirty) and only srves industries that dont have any empathy for us.
    many are waking up (in the last days many would…?) many are not listening to the “powers” that be anymore (yet have not much else to turn to yet, but the traditional churches will use them as an example of woe).

    but i believe christ will help us integrate and make technology compliment his earth and not make the earth simply fuel for industry.
    that giant top heavy interstate federations will loosen up and allow the folk to use resources with the common sense of their ancestors (even the jews presrved a lot about theirs in the bible) and be stewards of the resources, all as common co-heirs , no top heavy heirarchy.

    i feel this is a vague sketch of what will happen (outwith the doom and gloom and earthquakes) and may help, in my clumsy way to have a fresh look at what revelations is all about. rather than the corporate nightmare that disenfranchises and mechanically uses and discards people much in the way a diagnoses of a psychopath sounds if you listen to a shrink. and how the corporate reality actually has already fooled people into thinking there IS NO OTHER WAY, and how already we cant buy or sell outside there authority. even churches back them up on it.
    so which will it be?
    a fresh new world? or more of the same old same old. if the kingdom is nigh, why not live like it? but no, we go to church and work for the same old, is that any diferent from a hindu? a jew? a muslem? however they dress up? supermarket, motor oil, TV, shopping malls, underneath is the beast it is that they are building. their “religion” is just a thin veneer over building what they are all building. giving up their god given power to mechanical monetary corporate etc’s greed and inhumanity, excusing itself by the lies to cover up the wasted lives and environment all around. (an abomination of desolation!)

    it appears we must totally rethink, repent from all of it. build anew. integrate a gentler technology with gods beautiful earth.
    thank and goodnight, once more.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments.
      All to soon we will know exactly what the 666 is.
      In the mean time we are saved ,not by what we know but who we know!!
      It’s all about an intimate relationship with Jesus!! John 17:3 John 17:23.
      The one thing above all others that Christ is desirous that we should know is that the Father has loved us even as He loves Jesus!! praise God!!
      The Gospel is Jesus dwelling inside us and the preaching of the Gospel is making known to others of the possibility of Christ dwelling inside them!!
      Colossians 1:27. This is truly what the everlasting Gospel mentioned in Revelation 14:6-7 is all about!! Again Praise God who gives us His victory!!
      1Corinthains 1:29-31.
      The truth is that Jesus wants to literally live out His life of victory inside us!
      Romans 8:3-4
      Jesus is about to come!! Praise God!!

  16. I have heard this interpretation before and it seems a good way to think of it. There will surely be more to be revealed in future.

  17. You are absolutely correct Cindy!! All to soon we will know exactly what the “666” is for sure!
    God’s rich blessings to you Cindy!!
    Thank you for your comment. Please visit often!
    Amos 3:7, 2Peter 1:16,21, Revelation 1:1-3

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