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God Will Lead You

The Christian life is not without its challenges, difficulties, disappointment, and tragic experiences.  However, if we learn to rest in Jesus we can have an abiding peace; a peace that “passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:6-7).

This is the experience the Lord wants to lead us into.  For this kind of faith and resting in Christ will be necessary for all who enter into the great tribulation or time of trouble.  All earthly support will be removed.  Many friends and family members will turn against them.  However, if they have learned the truth of abiding in Christ all fear will be gone, and the “faith” and “faithfulness” of Jesus will be manifested in their life.  Then the trials they experience during that difficult time will only serve to further prepare them for Christ’s glorious return.


God Understands


One important lesson to remember in Elijah’s story is that God understood the faith crisis he was experiencing.  God gave him time to rest and miraculously fed him.  He allowed Elijah time to be free from responsibility.  Elijah walked for miles giving him opportunity to exercise in the open air.  God gave Elijah time to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Then at the right time God revealed to Elijah that He was sovereign God reigning over even the elements of nature; earthquake, wind and fire.  Then God spoke to Elijah calling him back to ministry.  After Elijah’s recovery he served His Lord faithfully until the day of his being taken into heaven without seeing death.


The Causes


Every faith struggle in the Bible has lessons to teach us.  From God’s Word as well in our own life’s experiences we find that faith struggles happen for numerous reasons.  We may struggle over an issue that is difficult for us to move forward on under God’s direction, which is similar to Christ’s experience in the garden.  Difficult situations may arise in our life and service for the Lord, which we don’t understand.  We may like Paul ask God to remove them, but He doesn’t seem to hear our prayer.  If we are not careful this can lead to a crisis of faith and trust.  Or we may have been practicing poor health habits and we are weakened physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This too can lead to a struggle and crisis of faith.

The important thing in all these situations is to be aware that these kinds of crisis will come our way in our walk with the Lord.  Don’t let them totally overwhelm you.  Sometimes all you can do is wait for God to lead you through them.  He will get you through, and He will also fulfill His promise to work them all out for your good (Romans 8:28).  Remember too, God understands the struggles you go through.  As with Elijah, He will never leave you or forsake you at such times.  In fact, I believe that the times of greatest struggle in our life are the times we have His most special care.  That certainly was the case for Elijah and it is the case for every Christian as well.

Rest In Jesus Alone!!

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