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A Necessity for Experiencing “Christ in Us”

                                                Post By Pastor Dennis Smith

As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, for Christ to live in us fully we must daily experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.   Christ lives in us through the baptism of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-18, 1John 3:24).  This experience will lead us to become just like Jesus in our life and service for Him.  The Spirit filled experience is not an option for those ready to meet Jesus when He returns.  It is a necessity!  Hence, it is my prayer that all who read this book will experience the Spirit’s infilling every day.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit must become a consistent part of our life in order for us to live the victorious Christian life, and be ready for Christ’s return.

There is no other way to come out of our Laodicean condition, and be prepared for the final crisis and Christ’s second coming.  Ellen White confirms this with the words:


“Nothing but the baptism of the Holy Spirit can bring up the church to its right position, and prepare the people of God for the fast approaching conflict.” Letter 15, 1889, Dr Burke


I pray that you will take God’s instruction seriously.  If you are not daily claiming the promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit do not let another day go by without seeking this marvelous blessing.  For the Spirit’s infilling brings all other blessings to you.

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