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Here are 4 simple steps to heaven. They are not hard, and should be done EVERY DAY.

1. Pray for the Holy Spirit (see Luke 11:13).

When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, wonderful things will begin to happen.

Conscience is more easily convicted. The Bible comes alive. The Lord is more able to guide us.

2. Ask Jesus to give you a “pure” heart (see Matthew 5:8).

If the root of a plant is good, its fruit will be good.

It’s the same with us.

If our hearts become pure and clean by the grace of God, this will result in good behavior.

3. Memorize God’s Word (see Psalm 119:11).

Scripture is the key to all spiritual growth.

The more we meditate on God’s Word, and learn its teachings,

the more we will “know the Lord” and His will for our lives.

4. Trust completely in Jesus Christ (see Ephesians 1:12,13). Look not to self, but to the Savior.

These 4 steps are not formal, but living and dynamic.

If you will take these steps EVERY DAY,

your chances of entering The Pearly Gates are outstanding.

Steve Wohlberg
Speaker/Director, White Horse Media

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