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Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” ~Psalm 37:4

For so long I interpreted this verse as, “If I please the Lord God, then He will grant me my desires.” But really, what I think this verse means is if I take delight in the Lord – in knowing Him and following Him. If I’m happy and delighted in knowing God, then God will fulfill my desires and dreams, which He has done for me.

Here are some examples. I always wanted to be a missionary. I’m working in the mission field. I always wanted to be a published writer. I’ve had over 20 articles and columns published. I always wanted to have a husband. I’m married. In my heart (I didn’t always know it) I always wanted a daughter. I have a daughter. I always wanted to explore and live in different places. Been there, done that, doing that still (and there are many more places I’d like to go!). I always wanted to perform by singing. I’ve been singing in churches since I was little and still am. I always wanted to live in a quaint neighborhood with lots of green, in an old house with character. I’m here now! And here’s a new one. I secretly always wanted to lead a church congregation in singing. I never told this to a soul, not even my husband, because I thought it impossible because I don’t have the credentials. I can’t even sight read. Well, now I’m doing it! And here’s a little thing: Just a couple weeks ago I began desiring company, and we got a surprise visit from my in-laws!

The blessings never stop. I owe all these dreams fulfilled to God. Along the way, I’ve realized that I haven’t had to work much to achieve these dreams – I only had to follow God, and He carried me to them; however, once these dreams are attained, then the work and toil set in, and it’s no picnic. For example, I got my little dream home and dream location (at least for now), but we’ve had to do so much work on this house. We’ve had to add a door, fix a door (which still isn’t completely fixed), seal windows, add shelving, add a cabinet, and I still have painting to do. All of these things come with their effort, responsibilities and challenges. To whom much is given, much is expected, right?

But God is good – He has brought these dreams to fruition. Most of them were not planned or intentional but seemed to come about by accident! But really they were no accident. God’s providential hand has always led me to these things.

So often when obstacles surface in the midst of these dreams, I complain about these very things God has blessed me with – about the very things I wished for. I realize that I’m very good at complaining, if not aloud, then in my thoughts. Yet when I look back and see how God has led me and given me the desires of my heart, I feel ashamed for ever complaining. Who am I to complain about the gifts God has given? Especially the gifts I desired? I need to be grateful, not just sometimes but always.

So now I need to use these gifts for His glory, to honor God with them, and to keep dreaming. What else might God bless me with? What do I wish for? Because if I’m faithful to Him and continue to follow Him – to delight in Him – based on past experience, I have no doubt He will continue to pave the way for my little dreams to become reality.

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