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As always we will meet this Sabbath 10/23/2010 at the home of Jr & Chris for wonderful Fellowship & Study. Gospel Fellowship will begin right after Church!!
Here are more study questions to add to our previous ones:
1.What is sin? Please keep in mind that an incorrect view of sin will lead to an incorrect road to Salvation
2.In one or two words describe the character of Jesus.
3.In one or two words describe the character of Satan.
4.How are we saved?
5.What event is taking place in Heaven since 1844?
6.What is the central issue in the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan?
7.How are we saved? Do we have Salvation now or sometime in the future when Jesus comes?

As we answer these questions we certainly will have a much clearer view of Salvation. Please post Bible texts to support your view.
I look forward to seeing you Sabbath in Church and then at Bible Study!!

May we have a sense of urgency concerning the return of Jesus!!!

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